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Spot Trades : If your company needs to purchase any currency to pay your supplier anywhere in the world, we can provide your company with a bankdraft or wire transfer at no charge.

  • Payment by cheque - Aloris provides cheques in all currencies to pay suppliers all over the world. Aloris keeps accounts in all currencies so that we can issue your supplier a draft that is easily used in the country of origin. This is designed to make bussiness transactions easier for our client.

  • Payment by wire transfer - payment by this method is certainly the quickest way to get money to your supplier. We boast a network all over the world and can have your payment at your supplier quickly and efficiently. We will provide our client with a wire confirmation at the time of the trade.

Overnight Orders : You may at any time in the day place a market order. Our traders will watch the market and if your price is filled you will be notified. This allows the flexibility of locking in a price even when you are not at your office. Many people do this because of the large fluctuations in prices during overseas trading hours.

Foreign Exchange Expertise : As foreign exchange specialists, at Aloris we will do more than just save you money at the time of the trade. We will closely monitor the market for you to ensure that your timing is the best it can be, as well as this we will provide you with charting and information on any currency you may need.

Fulfillment of LC's : Corporate clients may, from time to time, need to pay a line of credit in USD. To avoid paying a higher rate you, the client, can notify the bank that you will be supplying the USD. You can then purchase the USD from us to pay off your LC. The savings can be substantial. You can also sell USD to fulfill a Canadian LC if need be.


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