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Aloris is committed to protecting the privacy of the information you have entrusted to us.

We collect personal information in order to confirm your identity, protect both you and Aloris from error and fraud, service your needs, as well as to comply with the legal record keeping requirements of the Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) and Terrorist Financing Act (PCMFTFA) in Canada.
Maintaining the privacy of our clients and employees has been an integral part of our daily operations since we launched the Aloris.

We believe that ensuring the accuracy, confidentiality and security of the information we hold about you is more than simply a legal requirement. It is also an ethical obligation.

Aloris uses and discloses client information only for the purpose for which the information was collected, except as authorized by law. For example, Aloris may use client contact information to ensure that the client receives the best possible service.Aloris makes every reasonable effort to ensure that client information is accurate and complete.

Aloris relies on its clients to provide notification if there is a change to their information that may affect their relationship with Aloris. If a client becomes aware of an error in the information about itself, they should inform its personal contact at Aloris and it will be corrected on request wherever possible.  In some cases Aloris may ask for a written request for correction.


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